About James Oscarson

Long-time Nevada resident, family man, and hospital executive, James Oscarson currently serves as Director of Community Relations at Desert View Hospital in Pahrump, Nevada. James Oscarson and his wife, Rebecca, moved to Nevada with their three children in 1979; and have resided in Pahrump, Las Vegas and Logandale. Their three children, and six grandchildren, have also made Nevada their home.

“My door is always open to constituents,” Oscarson said. “My primary objective is to serve the people of Nevada and District 36, and to represent them as their legislator in state government.”

Prior to accepting his current position at Desert View Hospital, Oscarson worked for health care organizations Managed Care Consultants and Humana. He is a nurse and owned a small business. With a strong background in health care, Oscarson brings a fresh perspective to the legislature and protect quality health care for rural residents particularly in the youth and senior communities. “Health care continues to be a major issue at the federal, state, and local levels,” Oscarson said. “One of my top priorities is ensuring that the rural residents in District 36 have access to quality health care.”

Oscarson also sits on the board for the Southern Nevada Immunization Coalition, the Nye Communities Coalition and is a committee chairman for the Career and Technical Committee for Pahrump Valley High School. He was recently elected to serve as Chariman on the Legislative Committee on Prison Industries.

After two successful terms in Carson City, Oscarson envisions a bright future for Nye county, District 36, and the surrounding region. District 36 includes Nye County, most of Lincoln County, and rural parts of Clark County. Oscarson is seeking a third term as Nevada State Assemblyman in 2016.



Assembly Health and Human Services (Chairman)

Assembly Ways and Means (Member)

Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining (NRAM) (Member)



 •Legislative Committee on Prison Industries (Chairman)

•Member, Nye Communities Coalition Board, 2010

•Member, Southern Nevada Immunization and Health Coalition, 2010

•No To Abuse (NOTO), 2011 (Chairman)

•Former President, Moapa Valley Rotary Club, 2006-2007

•Governor‘s Choice Award, District 5300, Rotary 2008-2009

•Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley, 2004-current

•National Eagle Scout Association, 2005


Committee to Re Elect James Oscarson
P.O. Box 1600
Pahrump, NV 89048

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    Mr. Oscarson:

    Please support public property and highway cleanliness reforms in the 78th Session that save lives, reduce tax dollars AND volumes of illicit, disease–breeding solid waste.
    • NEVADA is still rated THE 2nd “worst” government in the American State Litter Scorecard, and “dirtiest,” of 22 states west of the Mississippi River. Since 2008, Nevada has remained a consistent Scorecard “bottom-five” state for having least clean public properties for the entire United States.
    • PLEASE SUPPORT an Anti-Litter-Dumping Slogan campaign that covers 16 Counties and dozens of Communities and unincorporated areas. DO NOT COUNT on any “Adopt–a- Highway/Street” PRIVATE PROGRAM to clean up trash and dumping from miles upon miles of NON-roadway PUBLIC SPACES (streets, parks, lakes, buildings) statewide.
    • SUPPORT Comprehensive Recycling PLANS AND MANDATES. COMPREHENSIVE RECYCLING hugely cuts illicit residential and commercial waste volumes while boosting re-usability and energy savings—all at LOW-TO- NO COST to TAXPAYERS and VOTERS. Embarrassingly, from 2000-2010, Nevada was THE topmost TRASH WASTEFUL Government in America, exceeding wastes thrown away in 49 states.

    NEVADA suffers HIGH DEATH TOTALS from vehicle-debris crashes along public roadways—over 9 persons are needlessly KILLED EACH YEAR across the Silver State.

    Negative quality-of life affects competition for long-term job creations and economic growth.

    THANK YOU for listening; Please Help KEEP NEVADA OFF any “Worst” LIST!
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    hi james , looking forward to seeing you—g
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    Hi James, Sorry I won’t be able to attend your Christmas Party. My office is having our party this same time. Enjoy!
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    James, yes, I’ll be going to your Chirstmas Party. Thanks for the invite.
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