Switch TAHOE / RENO Now Open:

Largest, Most Advanced Data Center Campus in the World.


In case you have not yet seen our news release, it is my pleasure to personally share with you the official announcement that Switch Tahoe Reno, the Citadel Campus, is open. Switch Tahoe Reno is designed as the largest single data center campus in the world at 7.2 million square feet. The first data center building, Tahoe Reno 1, is the world’s largest data center building designed at 1.3 million square feet.

Nevada is now home to not one, but the two largest data center campuses in the world: Switch’s CORE Campus in Las Vegas at 2.4 million square feet and now, the Switch Tahoe Reno Campus. Coupled with the Switch SUPERLOOP 500-mile fiber connection from Las Vegas to Reno, Switch has also created the largest data center ecosystem in the world.

At Switch, we are proud of this accomplishment and share that pride with thought-leaders like you, who have helped pave the way through smart policy and support for the realization of this achievement.

Please click the link below to see the release and video of our new campus:

Switch TAHOE RENO Now Open: Largest, Most Advanced Data Center Campus in the World


Adam Kramer
Switch EVP of Strategy

February 15, 2017

For Immediate Release Contact:

Tony Illia, NDOT Public Information Officer
Tel: (702) 385-6509 / E-mail:

PAHRUMP, NEV. — The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is undertaking $8.7 million in highway improvements in Nye County. Road and Highway Builders is the general contractor. Plans call for 14 miles of mill-and-overlay along State Route 160 from East Basin Avenue to just north of Bell Vista Avenue in Pahrump. Mill-and-overlay is a street maintenance technique where a large machine grinds away deteriorated layers of pavement and then replaces it with a new asphalt for a rejuvenated driving surface. Construction requires 45,785 tons of asphalt or enough blacktop to pave 6,541 average-sized driveways.

Other improvements include storm pipe drainage, hydro-seeding and flattened roadside shoulders – in some areas – for safer turnouts. Meanwhile, two flashing arrow signs, powered by solar panels, are being added to “Johnnie Curve” as well as a high friction surface in order to prevent skidding through improved traction. Finally, the turn pocket at U.S. Highway 95 and State Route 160 is being widened and lengthened for a safer, more efficient highway-to-highway connection. Construction begins next month with anticipated completed in late fall.

“This cost efficient project is will extend the highway’s lifecycle while also creating a smoother and safer traveling experience,” said state Assemblyman James Oscarson who represents District 36.

Motorists should use caution while travelling through the work zone, heed construction signage, and take alternate routes, if possible. NDOT works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions, but unscheduled construction changes, closures and restrictions are possible due to weather or other factors. For the latest state highway conditions, visit or call 511 before driving.

Tony Illia
Public Information Officer,
Nevada Department of Transportation

123 E. Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 170
Las Vegas, NV 89125-0170
T: 702-385-6509
M: 702-249-2334


For Immediate Release Contact:

Ed Gonzalez,
Assembly Republicans Announce Minority Leadership Assignments

It was decided by unanimous vote at last evening’s Assembly Republican Caucus meeting that Assemblyman Paul Anderson (R-Las Vegas) would serve as the Minority Leader for the Assembly Republicans for the 79th Legislative Session.
“I am proud and humbled to have been selected by my fellow Republican Assembly members to serve as the minority leader.” Leader Anderson said.
“We will work with Governor Brian Sandoval, our Republican colleagues in the Senate, and the Democrat leadership to ensure that the education reform package passed last session will be fully adopted along with the economic development policies that have led to the creation of tens of thousands of new high paying jobs in Nevada.” Anderson continued.

The following leadership assignments were also decided upon:

• Co-Assistant Minority Leader – South: Assemblyman James Oscarson (R- Pahrump)
• Co-Assistant Minority Leader – North: Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (R- Minden)
• Minority Whip: Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury (R- Henderson)
• Minority Whip Rural: Assemblyman John Ellison (R – Elko)




I have been a Nevada resident for a long time, and I’ve served on the Nevada Assembly since 2013. I have consistently made it my top priority to represent the interests of the people of Nevada and protect them against legislature that may jeopardize their fundamental rights. Question 1 is a direct threat to liberty.

Like many Nevadans, I value my family and their safety. I am happily married with three children and six grandchildren. Question 1 supporters claim that public safety is their main concern, yet the passage of this law would do nothing to ensure your family’s safety or keep criminals from obtaining guns. Question 1 is unnecessary, unenforceable, and, frankly, assumes all gun owners are criminals.

I have an obligation to you, my fellow Nevada residents, to warn you about what you will be facing if this law is passed. Question 1 will require that you surrender your firearms to a federal firearms dealer in all sales and most transfers, and failure to do so before selling or buying or transferring a firearm will be a criminal offense subject to arrest, fines, and seizure of your firearms. I will not allow my rights to be disregarded, which is why I’m voting no on Question 1, and I urge you to do the same.

You can help expose the truth about the dangers of Question 1. Nevadans for State Gun Rights is a grassroots group that has been fighting against Question 1 since it was a mere proposal years ago; but now it’s crunch time, and they need our help more than ever. Visit to find out how you can help.

I promise to do all that I can to ensure the safety and well-being of all Nevada residents, which is why I oppose Question 1. Stand with me, and the countless Nevadans who are voting no on Question 1. Together, I know we can defeat this ballot measure and protect the rights of all Nevadans.

– Assemblyman James Oscarson District 36

Date Published: 5/25/2016

Contact: Tony Illia

Phone: (702) 385-6509

Title: NDOT Widens State Route 160 in Pahrump

LAS VEGAS, NEV. – The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is undertaking a $3.49 million widening of State Route 160 between Rainbow Avenue and Calvada Boulevard in Pahrump. Las Vegas Paving is the general contractor. The project will expand a heavily traveled 1.75 mile stretch of highway from two to four travel lanes, plus add a center turn lane and flatten side slope shoulders for safer vehicle turnouts in some areas. The project also calls for installing new drainage pipe and hydro-seeding surrounding desert landscape.

“This project will greatly enhance motorist and pedestrian mobility and safety,” said State Assemblyman James Oscarson who represents District 36. “This is yet another step toward delivering a safe, reliable transportation network for the residents and businesses of Pahrump and greater Nye County.”

 The project will place 23,000 tons of asphalt, or enough to pave 3,600 driveways, and move enough dirt to fill 46,000 pick-up trucks. Construction will entail temporary barrier railing along the impacted stretch of highway with working taking place from 6 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The project will begin in early July with anticipated completion by December.

Motorists should use caution while travelling through the work zone, heed construction signage, and take alternate routes, if possible. For current road information go to:


1263 South Stewart Street, Carson City, Nevada 89712
Telephone: 775-888-7000   TTY: 1-855-878-NDOT (6368)

NDOT Website