Pahrump Brothel Owner  Believes Lewd Signs are Acceptable

I was saddened to read in the Review-Journal that Dennis Hof thinks that our community should be grateful that he put adult-oriented signs up where children could see them only to guide people to his brothels, instead of “carving penises” into rocks and onto our roadways to guide people to his brothels (“Brothel owners alleges censorship,” Wednesday).

Pahrump and Nye County are wonderful places to live and work. But it is getting increasingly difficult to convince people of that when we are repeatedly on the national news because of issues such as this. If Mr. Hof has his way, our town and county are going to be covered in lewd signage and symbols. How is that going to affect our other businesses? Are people really going to come here, with their families, when the one thing we may be known for is the place that at least did not have penises carved into the roadways?

I understand that Mr. Hof operates a business that is legal in Nye County. I believe it would be helpful if Mr. Hof understands that the rest of the community does not think that his type of business is the one that should be the “front and center” of our tourism plan. Let’s all remember that people come here from all over the country with their children and loved ones, and we should continue to make this a warm, family-friendly and hospitable place for all.

-Bill Loken, Owner, Pahrump Valley Winery